Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA)

Manufacturing sub-component Pressure Vessels for Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA)

VIPER-E (TM), Mixed Gas Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA)

The VIPER-E (TM) Mixed Gas Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA) is an electronically controlled closed circuit re-breather designed for use in Mine Counter Measure's (MCM) and covert operations. The unit incorporates the proven electronic design used by U.S., Australian and U.K. Navies.

The system contains two completely independent monitoring systems. Bubble-less operation and long dive duration ideal for Special Operations. Manual bypass system allows for completely manual operation.

US Navy's MK-16 series

Applied manufactures a pressure vessel for the Manufacturer of the US Navy's MK-16 series Mixed Gas Underwater Breathing Apparatus.