Pressure Vessels Kinetic Impact Testing

Testing Pressure Vessels is a routine function

Military application for a bottle requires special testing

Steel Pressure Vessel

This following example is quite interesting: The steel pressure vessel shown below, not only passed the test but, 'captured the .50 caliber armor piercing round' in the tumbling tear which the round created.

Applied contracts with a private company to test pressure vessels at an outdoor range. It is most interesting to witness. The testing company takes the pressure vessel fifty yards down-range and cants it securely at a 45 degree angle. The velocity of the .50 Caliber, M-2, 700 Grain, Armor Piercing round must be measured ten feet from the target. For this shot the velocity was 2,809 feet per second. Naturally the test article was pressurized at 3,000 pounds per inch, which is its normal operating pressure.

Applied Pressure Vessels and the customer was most pleased with the results, we had no fragmentation of the bottle and the tumbled tear was below allowable threshold; in short the bottle passed the test.

Take a look at this photo, you can see the tip of the .50 caliber AP round sticking out; now that's one for the record book. Just imagine the mass of the round traveling at more than half a mile a second coming to a complete stop in less than six inches. Indeed a testimony to excellence in manufacturing and material.

Applied Pressure Vessels Long Time Experience

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