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Applied Engineers work with various software to ensure your products readiness

AutoCAD 2000i, SolidWorks, MS Project


Experienced with over four decades of manufacturing Pressure Vessels for defense weapon systems. We have had hundreds of thousands of our Pressure Vessels, as part of a missile, weapon system or torpedo, sent down-range for training and in combat.

Design & Military Standards

With over 45 years of manufacturing Pressure Vessels, our engineering staff has comprehensive experience in the design and fabrication of Pressure Vessels.


Our experience in the Aerospace industry of California spans more than 50 years. Applied's Engineering Department has worked closely with the Aerospace Primes for decades, designing and building unique pressure vessels to support systems for Government and Commercial exploration of space. Our Pressure Vessel portfolio includes pressure vessels in support of 'optic cleaning systems' aboard Space Vehicles and Pressure Vessels for Aircraft and Rocket / Missile sub-systems.

  • Aerospace - Aircraft Systems
  • Missile Systems
  • Re-Breathers
  • Sampling Vessels / Cylinders
  • Torpedo Systems